About Us

About Us

Welcome to the Life Group & Health Ministry Directory (LifeMindir), the most comprehensive Catholic Resource Directory in the world.

Community awareness of Catholic Groups & Ministries is limited and just as other types of directories, a Catholic Ministry Directory provides a beneficial Community Resource and efficient Outreach Tool.

The LifeMindir.com Directory is an Outreach Tool designed to efficiently increase community awareness of the multitude of Life-Enriching Programs available at Catholic Parishes & Organizations. A single comprehensive source for program information can be promoted more efficiently than promoting many programs separately and a convenient one-stop Community Resource reduces search time attrition. 

The LifeMindir.com Directory offers Free Listings & Paid Listings with Extra Features. Free directory listings are available for resources that are offered at no cost (free) to the community. Free directory listing include, but are not limited to, Parish Ministries, Community Services and Pregnancy Resource Centers. Paid directory listings are available for resources that the community must pay for (not free). Paid directory listing include, but are not limited to, Hospitals & Clinics, Health Professionals, Senior Living Centers, Schools and Businesses. Paid Listings are displayed in the "Featured Listings" box and allow for Banner Ads for additional exposure for the listing.

Revenue from Paid Listings is used to promote the Directory and therefore, to efficiently promote the thousands of Catholic Resources listed in the Directory. We promote the Directory on Social Media Sites, Email Campaigns, Print Media and Direct Mail. We conduct Public Health "Hot Zone" Outreach. For example, Crisis Pregnancy Services are highlighted in geographic areas with high rates of teen pregnancies. We highlight Poverty Relief, Youth Activities, Senior Services and More!

The LifeMindir.com Directory provides a Quick & Easy Method for listing Parish Groups & Ministries. A basic Directory Listing consists of a "Check-List" of available Programs & Services, and can be created in just minutes. Many additional features can be added to a Directory Listing including Events, Jobs, Classified Ads, Photos and more.

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